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We are a Town Council consisting of sixteen Councillors responsible for the two wards of the Town (Clifton Ward and Townstal Ward), with a total population of approximately 6,000. Councillors stand for re-election every four years and are voted in by the people of Dartmouth.

It should be noted that a Town Councillor is an elected member and they do not receive payment for standing as a Councillor, attending any of the Dartmouth Town Council meetings or carrying out Council business.

The election of Town Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Chairmen of Council Committees is usually undertaken annually at the Annual Town Council Meeting.

On Monday 9th May 2022, Dartmouth Town Council held it’s Annual Meeting of the Council where the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the ensuing year was voted on.

Cllr David Wells was voted in as the Mayor and Cllr Mandy Webber was voted in as the Deputy Mayor, they will hold this position until May 2023.

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