• Press Release for the reinstatement of the chimneys


PRESS RELEASE – March 2024



Work to reinstate the nine chimneys on the roof of the Dartmouth Market will start on 2nd April . In order to keep disruption to a minimum the work will be done in sections and will be suspended during July and August. The three DTC parking spaces in the Market Square car park will be used as a compound, so that there will be no impact on the car park capacity. The scaffolding will be erected in sections and will be at overhead height so that pedestrian and vehicle access will be largely unaffected during the works.

The removal of the chimneys last year was necessary on health and safety grounds and the contractors will be working with a structural engineer to reinstate the chimneys exactly as they were, also ensuring  they will now be properly supported.

As a Grade Two listed building all materials used will be in keeping with the age and appearance of the building. DTC have liaised extensively with the Listed Buildings Officer at SHDC to ensure that all work complies with Listed Building Regulations.

The Town Council will be working closely with all the market tenants affected by this work to ensure that inconvenience to their businesses are kept a minimum.

The work is expected to take approximately 22 weeks with the break during the summer months (July and August) and is envisaged to run until the start of November.

The collapse, removal and reinstatement of the Chimneys has been an unexpected expense for the Town Council a running tally of the costs is expected to run into six figures. Fortunately, some of the outlay can be offset by  the Public Purposes Share of the Dartmouth Trust income that the Council receives annually. DTC is grateful every year for the support it gets from the Dartmouth Trust, but this year more than ever, due to the unforeseen expense.

Commenting on the upcoming works the Town Council’s Property Manager said “ The reinstatement of the Market Chimneys is a big project. The Council have tried to mitigate the impact the work will have on the businesses and residents in the area which is why work will be completely suspended during July and August. Once the work is completed, the chimneys will look exactly as they did before.”

For further information on the Chimney reinstatement please contact the Town Clerk or the Properties Manager on clerk@dartmouthtowncouncil.gov.uk or on 01803 832281

May 2023

During renovation work on the old market where part of a support wall collapsed, a structural assessment report was commissioned and it uncovered that the nine chimney stacks spaced out along the outside of the building on two sides, were unstable and poorly constructed with no support below.  As a result of this report and on the grounds of health and safety the Town Clerk and Property Manager made the decision to take these chimneys down, before there was a serious accident, however all the bricks have been retained and will be assessed and reused where possible.

There is now a meeting planned for South Hams District Council (SHDC) Planners, SHDC Senior Heritage Officer and BBH Architects to try to find a way to assess the structure of the supporting walls and find a solution to bear the weight of the chimneys.

Dartmouth Town Council will be in attendance and will continue to work with the SHDC Senior Heritage Officer, to find a solution to reinstate these chimneys as soon as possible, though all involved have estimated this will not take place until later on in the year.

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