• Save the Dartmouth Hospital Site


Dartmouth Town Council is spearheading the campaign to ensure that Dartmouth residents get a fair chance to express their views on what should happen to the Hospital site, part of which was gifted to people of the Dartmouth. The Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust  (TSDNHSFT) are proposing a short consultation period over the Summer, Dartmouth Town Council would like this extended until the end of September to give local residents time to have their views heard.

We want as many of the townspeople as possible to have their say but we need your support to show the TSDNHSFT that the hospital site should be the subject of a fair, open, accessible and honest consultation period.

We have set up this page to keep you updated on our campaign and give you the resources to play your part in ensuring the hospital site is used for the benefit of everyone who lives here. This campaign can only succeed if as many residents as possible make the TSDNHSFT aware that the town expects our hospital to benefit the town first and foremost.

We have now included a letter below that you can download and send to members of the TSDNHSFT and to your local MP.

For more information, please click on the files below.

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