• Re-elected Mayor for Dartmouth


Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Dartmouth

We are all very pleased to announce that at last night’s Full Council meeting (Monday 15th May 2023), Cllr David Wells was re-elected as the Mayor for Dartmouth Town Council for a second year, the office has really enjoyed working with him, he is a very active and enthusiastic Cllr which seems to affect everyone around him. We are also very pleased that Cllr Cathy Campos was elected as the Deputy Mayor this year, Cathy is a very proactive councillor and will be a great support for David moving forward.
Dartmouth Town Council have lots of plans for the council’s assets over the next few years, the councillors and officers will be very busy so a strong leadership team with David and Cathy will be very much appreciated. I would also like to thank the outgoing Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mandy Webber for all the support she gave to David over the year, I know it was appreciated.

Quote from the Mayor, Cllr David Wells

I would like to thank all my fellow Cllrs for their support over the last year and also for their confidence in me to serve another year as the Mayor of Dartmouth.  I enjoyed my first year immensely and I am so pleased to be able to continue all the work we have done so far.  I am so pleased that we created a community garden behind the tennis courts which already has a petanque area with two picnic benches for families to come together and play and we have also planted a ‘liquid Amber’ tree, which the Captain of the BRNC Sarah Oakey officially opened for us last week.  We will be looking into enhancing this even further.

A couple of projects we are working towards this year are a) the redevelopment of the toilet block in Royal Avenue Gardens, this will not only completely renovate the toilets but create a reasonably sized commercial unit which we will be able to lease in order to offset some of the costs of providing toilets and b) we are continuing to work on the renovation of the market walls, where we unfortunately had to take all the chimneys down as a health and safety safeguard but we are currently looking into how they can be reinstated.

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