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DCC parking proposals for onstreet parking payments

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MARCH 2024

Devon County Council (DCC) have today announced that they have withdrawn the parking charges proposal for all eight identified towns.

13 March 2024

Delivery of Parking Management Policy – New Pay & Display Schemes
Report of the Director of Climate Change, Environment and Transport

Please note that the following recommendations are subject to consideration and determination by the Cabinet (and confirmation under the provisions of the Council’s Constitution) before taking effect.

1) Recommendation

That the Cabinet be asked to:
(a) Recognise the benefits of identifying through the consultation the need to address the complex parking issues identified in the communities and the differing impacts on business and residents at varying times of the years.

(b) Not proceed with the proposals for pay and display parking in the towns of Braunton, Crediton, Dartmouth, Honiton, Okehampton, Salcombe, Sidmouth and Tavistock.

(c) Invite proposals from the communities on how they would wish to address their parking issues so that joint sustainable solutions can be developed in the future.

For further information click through to the report linked on Devon County Council’s website: https://democracy.devon.gov.uk/documents/s48250/Delivery%20of%20Parking%20Management%20Policy%20New%20Pay%20Display%20Schemes.pdf

and to see the full agenda click here: https://democracy.devon.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=133&MId=4714&Ver=4


Devon County Council (DCC) are proposing to introduce a payment system for on street parking throughout the year. (and not just in the summer months between 1st May to the 30th September as previously stated)

DCC are now advertising these parking restriction proposals on their website here: https://www.devon.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/parking/traffic-regulation-orders/proposed-pay-and-display/
and you can now comment on this on their website from Thursday 7th December until Sunday 7th January 2023.

We urge you to comment as soon as possible.

They are proposing to introduce this in the following locations:

  • North Embankment (stretch of road from the Higher Ferry down to Platform 1),
  • Bottom of College Way (stretch of road outside the Ship in Dock)
  • Mayors Avenue (stretch of road opposite Marks & Spencers)
  • the car park and the road next to the Flavel Church
  • Mayors Avenue and The Quay (stretch of road behind Mayors Avenue Carpark and Royal Avenue Gardens)
  • The Quay (stretch of road outside The Royal Castle)
  • Spithead (stretch of road next to the Boatfloat)

DCC are proposing that all of these locations will be via a payment system and they have suggested the first hour will be free (via a free ticket) and the second hour will be £1.50 (previously stated £3.30), and for a maxium of 2 hours in total.

A jpg map of these locations is on the left hand side.

You can also click here to see a pdf of the locations, and click here to see a pdf of the amendment order.

Dartmouth Town Council are also working with a local group called DAMP (Dartmouth Against Metered Parking) headed up by Teddy Cranmer.

DAMP are asking people to vote against these proposals which will be of little or no benefit to the town.

Dartmouth Town Council have written to Cllr Stuart Hughes (Cabinet member for Highway Management) to express Dartmouth Town Council’s concerns regarding the lack of evidence of how this will benefit the town. [please see the letter here].

Dartmouth Town Council have also joined forces with six of the eight identified towns and have put their name to a joint letter to Cllr Stuart Hughes [please see the letter here].

Devon County Council (DCC) have said that their intention is to now progress schemes to Advert where the full views of businesses and residents can be considered through the democratic process before decisions to implement or modify any scheme is taken.

Devon County Council are now advertising these parking restriction proposals on their website here https://www.devon.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/parking/traffic-regulation-orders/proposed-pay-and-display/

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