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Bye-law Public Consultation Survey in Royal Avenue Gardens & Coronation Park

The proposed bye-law is to address complaints of buskers and how loud they are playing amplified instruments and singing mainly in the Royal Avenue Gardens. The Council currently have a bye-law code of practice. In the past, some buskers have been asked to turn the volume down and a number have refused to co-operate.

A number of other proposed changes to the bye-law are highlighted in red on the PDF slides. These can be looked at on the link below.

The survey is a follow on from the public consultation meeting that was held in July to gauge further public opinion. This is an updated online version of the form.

An Officer of the council can enforce the byelaws, as can a Police Officer if they witness someone breaking the byelaw. If someone breaks a byelaw the the Town Council or a Police Officer can approach the offender and explain why that activity cannot be permitted or must be controlled. Dartmouth Town Council would aim to inform and raise awareness, in order to avoid further offences from happening.

Please see more information on the proposed byelaw here.

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