• COVID-19 Survey of Local Businesses


COVID-19 Survey of Local Businesses

Dartmouth Town Council have added their support to a survey of local businesses, dependent on tourism for their survival. There is growing concern among business owners that existing social distancing measures and an extended lockdown delaying the start of the tourism season could inflict catastrophic damage on this already hard-pressed sector of the local economy.

In order to make a compelling case, we need to collate sufficient data, hence the importance of the survey. The results will be passed to the Totnes member of Parliament, Anthony Mangnall MP, who is currently gathering similar surveys from other tourism centres across the region.

Tourism is the life blood of Dartmouth’s economy, the wide range of vibrant, independent local businesses forming a major part of the town’s charm. The longer lockdown and social distancing remain in place, the greater the risk of collapse.

Dartmouth Town Council are asking as many local businesses as possible to provide information to the survey, as we need hard data from those businesses affected. All responses will be in the strictest confidence.

To access the survey, please use the following link www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XN5XD9V

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