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Boat storage in Dartmouth

Dartmouth Town Council offers three solutions for boat storage in Dartmouth, vessels can be moored in the Boatfloat, or stored in the boat parks in Coronation Park or out at Warfleet.

The Boatfloat is situated in front of the Royal Castle Hotel.

The Boatfloat is a trapezoidal enclosure for mooring small boats in the centre of our beautiful town. It is also a Grade 2 listed ‘building’, with some parts of it dating back to 1585.

The boatfloat can take vessels up to a maximum length of 18′

The boat park within Coronation Park is situated at the further end of the park, running along Coombe Road.
The boatpark is for non motorised vessels only and has three different sizes of pitches,

  • small (up to 4mL x 2.5mW);
  • medium (up to 5.5mL x 2.5mW) &
  • large (up to 7mL x 2.5mW)

The boat park at Warfleet is situated in Warfleet Creek, alongside Castle Road.

The boatpark has three specific spaces:

  • Ground Space is for a small dinghys (with a trailer) for a total max of 4m L
  • Toast Rack is for small dinghys, kayaks or paddleboards
  • Horizontal Canoe/Kayak rack is for canoes and a kayaks

There is a waiting list for all three of these sites, and if you wish to apply then please send an email to:  reception@dartmouthtowncouncil.gov.uk who will then send you a form.

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