• Accessibility Plugins


Accessibility Plugins

This website is run by Dartmouth Town Council. We want as many people as possible to be able to use our website so we have compiled a list of Chrome Plugins that can help with accessibility.

  • High Contrast

    Change or invert the colour scheme to make webpages easier to read.

    High Contrast lets you browse the web with your choice of several high-contrast colour filters designed to make it easier to read the text.

  • A+ FontSize Changer

    A+ FontSize Changer is a Chrome Extension that lets the user customize the font text size, text colour and background colour on a page. It actually changes the font size of each element unlike Chrome’s action with CTRL+ and CTRL- which zooms the page. Sometimes you wish to increase the text size without zooming the page so that paragraphs do not scroll past the edge of the screen.

  • Reader View

    Reader View extension brings Mozilla’s open-source Readability implantation to Chromium. Using this extension you can strip clutters from webpages and read them on “Reader View” mode. The extension allows you to toggle between normal view and reader view by pressing the page-action button.

  • Spreed

    Use Spreed, the highest-rated and most popular speed reading extension of its kind, to speed through text in your browser! Spreed works on news articles, blog posts, emails, books in Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, PDFs, and ePUBs.

    Spreed works by utilizing a visual technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, or RSVP, used by the fastest speed readers in the world. Spreed helps you eliminate your inner voice that sounds each word out–known as “subvocalization”–and too much focus on the words themselves, so that you can read more visually, which means faster reading while maintaining comprehension. The average person reads at 200 words per minute; using Spreed, you can easily train yourself to read at double the speed, 400 words per minute, or faster. Think of how much time you’d save every day!

  • HeadingsMap

    The extension generates a documentmap or index of any web document structured with headings (you can access directly to the content by clicking on any of its items), and now, it shows the HTML 5 outline.

  • Selection Reader

    High quality text-to-speech reader capable of seamlessly reading large amounts of text.

    Other text to speech extensions are bloated, slow, and often critically flawed- they’re unable to read out more than around 250 characters at a time without cutting out! Not to mention the shady permissions they require. Selection Reader is simple, fast, and can read out near-unlimited text at once. Just select the text and right click!

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