• Defibrillator Locations


Defibrillator locations in Dartmouth


  1. Townstal Community Hall Davis Road
  2. Spar Store Mayflower Close
  3. Phone Box at Lower Broadpark
  4. The Guildhall Victoria Road
  5. Marks & Spencer Store Mayors Avenue
  6. Air Ambulance Charity Store Smith Street
  7. Phone Box (next to the lower ferry on South Embankment)
  8. Wall at Warfleet Road
  9. Phone Box at Dartmouth Castle
  10. Dartmouth Health & Well-Being Centre Wessex Way
  11. Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club Sandquay Road


  1. Dart Marina Hotel Sanquay Road
  2. Dartmouth Leisure Centre Wessex Way
  3. Fresh Dental Practice Collingwood Road
  4. Dartmouth Football Club Townstal Road
  5. Dartmouth Academy Milton Lane
  6. Dartmouth Dental Practice Victoria Road
  7. Eunique Dental Practice Market Street
  8. The Flavel Centre Mayors Avenue
  9. The Clinic Mayors Avenue
  10. Dartmouth Higher Ferry
  11. Britannia Royal Naval College, College Way – only available internally

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