• Potential closure of Brixham Road between Windy Corner & Long Road

Proposed road diversion

Potential closure of Brixham Road between Windy Corner & Long Road

During the works to the Inglewood Estate development in Torbay, the developer Persimmon Homes have requested a road closure of the Brixham Road from the 3rd January 23 to the 12th May 23. A diversion has been suggested along Goodrington Road and Dartmouth Road.

The Council realises that this will affect a number of Dartmouth residents and has written to Torbay Council with our concerns for the length of this road closure and has asked to seek an alternative.

Cllr Jonathan Hawkins asked for a virtual meeting for local Towns and Parishes to express their views and Dartmouth Town Councillor Ged Yardy along with officers attended.  During the meeting there was a discussion on shortening the length of this road closure from 4 months to 3 months, but we feel this is not enough.

If you or your family will be affected by this four month proposed road closure then we urge you to voice your concerns by emailing Torbay Council directly.


Cllr Steve Darling
Leader of Torbay Council
Mike Morey
Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture
Or the general Contact form on Torbay Council’s website

For all the information on this new development please go to https://yoursay.torbay.gov.uk/potential-closure-of-brixham-road/

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