• Dartmouth and Kingswear Cottage Hospital Site

Former Dartmouth Cottage Hospital


What are the next steps and the timescales?
The agreement for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust to sell the former Dartmouth and Kingswear Community Hospital site to Dartmouth Town Council is currently being finalised. This will be agreed at the Trust Board and then the Dartmouth Town Council in early July. Assuming there is a successful agreement there is likely to be a planning application in the Autumn which will follow the normal planning process.

What will the former hospital site become?
At this stage, while negotiations continue, we cannot confirm what the site will be used for. We can say that it will be a commercial venture that will bring in jobs and income to Dartmouth. It will also bring in revenue to the site owners, Dartmouth Town Council, that will support affordable housing for those in need, something, in the recent survey, local people said they wanted.

How will affordable housing be supported?
We will be able to provide more detail later but we can say that Dartmouth Town Council approached a number of housing providers who did not think that they could provide a viable solution on the site itself. This has meant DTC have had to look at a more innovative and viable approach where revenue from the site can support the provision of affordable housing for the town.

How much is the site being sold for?
Discussions are still ongoing so this cannot be answered at the moment. Once the deal is concluded there will be a point where the information is in the public domain and can be shared.

Who will own the site?
Dartmouth Town Council. Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust are selling the site to Dartmouth Town Council which means they will be the owners for the site on behalf of Dartmouth.

Will the former hospital be knocked down?
The intention is that the façade of the original part of the building will be retained as part of the new development. This will mean the new design will incorporate the original building within it.

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