ARG Grants available to Dartmouth businesses

As many of you will be aware Dartmouth Town Council has recently been awarded a sum of £50,000 to be spent on Post Covid Business regeneration and £45,000 of this will be directly awarded to businesses in the town.

The rules surrounding these grants are strictly laid out in Government Guidelines and will ultimately be checked by SHDC, however, we would urge businesses to apply because any money that isn’t claimed will be returned to Central Government.

There are three categories of Grant and each part of the Grant will be split equally between accepted and valid applications. No specific value of Grant can be applied for and the value awarded will not be known until SHDC have completed all statutory checks including fraud and compliance checks. The decision of the Council will be final and there will be no right of appeal.

All Grants must comply with the following rules so please do not apply if you are unable to comply.

Businesses may apply in more than one category if applicable.

Compliance Additional Restrictions for Local Authorities
Businesses must be able to demonstrate a fall in turnover or profit of at least 10% attributable to the pandemic. These losses can be attributable to a number of causes such as staff shortages, sickness, forced closure etc.

  1. The three categories available are as follows:
    Retrospective support for outside dining on the South Embankment – £14,000
    Open only to Businesses on the South Embankment who have implemented outdoor dining facilities not available pre-Covid. Copies of paid invoices for purchases related to outdoor dining such as Covers, chairs etc will be required. Evidence of loss of income or profit will be required
  2. Business Hardship Grant – £14,000 to a maximum of £2000.
    This grant is ONLY available to businesses in the Town who have not been able to take advantage of any other Government support schemes over the last 18 months. Eligibility will be cross checked with SHDC and other Government Agencies and evidence of loss of income or profit will be required.
  3. Business Matched Funding Grant – £17,000
    Businesses are invited to apply for matched funding of an investment in their business. The Business will need to show that this funding and their own investment will or has directly improved their offering in light of current restrictions and post lifting of restrictions. We reserve the right to ask for more detail should we not consider what is submitted to be sufficient to make a decision on the grant. This can be retrospectively applied to any other business who has required capital spend but is not in Category 1.

The deadline for applications has been extended to the 31st December 2021

As soon as your business has been “approved in principle” by representatives of DTC you will be issued with a link to a form that has to be filled in for SHDC who will then complete the remaining various checks. Grants will be issued direct to businesses from SHDC.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this please contact: Cllr Sophie Rennie; Cllr Martin McGowan-Scanlon; or Cllr Phil Howard, their contacts details are on the website

We look forward to hearing from you

Dartmouth Town Council