Dartmouth Town Council is inviting local community and charitable organisations and groups to tender for the use of Ivy Lane.

The building, which comprises a large and airy ground floor space with fully equipped kitchen, toilets and large storage cupboard, is located in the centre of Dartmouth – although there is no parking with the building and pedestrian access is via Ivy Lane.
The building was transferred to Dartmouth Town Council from Devon County Council in 2014 with a covenant that it was to be used for the benefit of the community of Dartmouth. Since that transfer it has only been used by a few community groups most notably as a Youth Club. Currently its running costs are around £8000 per annum. For a prime centrally located property of that size in Dartmouth, those costs are low, but to date have been almost completely absorbed by Dartmouth Town Council.
In a bid to see the Ivy Lane being fully used as it was meant to be used and at the same time offset the costs of running and maintaining it, DTC is hoping that it can be used as a base for Community activities by offering it out to tender.
Explaining the Council’s decision to put Ivy Lane out for tender, Charlie Pritchard- Williams Dartmouth Town Council Clerk said, “It is a real waste that this spacious centrally located space is not being utilised for the benefit of the community. While it stands empty it is costing the Town Council and, ultimately Dartmouth’s tax paying residents, money. We are sure that it would provide a great central base for one or more community or charitable organisations. We are keen to publicise that Ivy is Lane is available to rent on a long term basis and hope that it will attract some interest. It would be marvellous to see this lovely building serving the community.”
Cllr Cathy Campos added, “Ivy Lane has never been fully utilised but does cost the Council thousands of pounds a year. It is there for the community to enjoy and use we hope by publicising that we are looking for tenders it will remind the many community organisations in Dartmouth there is a really terrific Community space on their doorstep. If Ivy Lane continues to be as underused as it is at the moment; the Dartmouth Town Council will need to reassess Ivy Lanes long term future.”
For further information on Ivy Lane or to tender a bid for its use please contact DTC Properties Manager, Richard Roberts on 01803 832281 or via email propertiesmanager@dartmouthtowncouncil.gov.uk