• Respect, Protect and Shop Dartmouth!


Respect, Protect and Shop Dartmouth – Dartmouth Town Council tells us more:  

Who doesn’t feel like a day trip back to some pre-COVID normality? From crabbing off the Embankment to browsing shop windows along our cobbled streets, we’ve missed seeing happy faces doing the things that make Dartmouth the place we all love. Now, by respecting and protecting each other, we can start to do all those things again safely and have a great day out in Dartmouth.

What is Dartmouth doing to respect and protect local people and visitors?

The unique layout of Dartmouth, with a myriad of quiet back streets, parks and the large, open Embankment along the river, means we’re naturally suited to social distancing. Our local traders have taken all the necessary steps to keep customers and their staff safe, including offering hand sanitiser and restricting the number of people who can enter their premises at a time. Our Market Square hosts open air markets on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays alongside independent shops and cafes. There will be signs reminding people to wear masks and to give each other space, because we know how easy it will be to forget the rules when you’re relaxed and having fun. By respecting and protecting each other in this way, we can shop, eat and enjoy exploring the town with confidence.

What about food and drink?

Whether you’re hankering after a bag of fish and chips as you watch the boats sail by or intend to treat yourself with the best locally made ice-cream (don’t forget the sprinkles!), you’ll discover plenty of places to sit back and enjoy. You’ll find extra tables, chairs and benches popping up around the town for that continental al fresco experience that will make you feel almost like you’re in Palma or Cannes. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for weather to match too.

Any final words for local people and visitors?

We can’t wait to see everyone again and our town really needs your support now more than ever. However, I would ask people to remember to respect and protect others too.


  • Please park sensibly
  • Give each other space to shop and stick to the social distance rules
  • Respect the COVID measures of individual shops and please be courteous to staff


  • Protect everyone around you and yourself by wearing a face covering
  • Look after our beautiful area and do the right thing with your litter – please take it home or put it in a bin


  • There is so much on offer in Dartmouth that you won’t find anywhere else – please support our local businesses
  • Follow these rules and we can all enjoy exploring Dartmouth safely

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