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Rope Swings on Dartmouth Town Council Land

In the latest Council Assets meeting, held on 15th February 2021 the following item was discussed;


The Town Groundsman suggested that the rope swings are monitored and if they are dangerous, they could be removed.

Cllr A Edsall stated his agreement with the Town Groundsman regarding rope swings and attempt not be too heavy-handed.

Cllr G Webb added that he thinks that rope swings should be monitored regularly for safety and possibly add signs near the rope swings if this is legal.

The Clerk suggested that this is investigated further by speaking to the DTC insurance company.

The Town Groundsman suggested taking photos of the rope swings to keep for evidence.

Proposed: Cllr A Edsall
Seconded: Cllr D Wells
Resolved: To monitor the rope swings and to seek further advice from the Councils insurance company
Majority vote carried

Dartmouth Town Council then consulted our insurance company, who have advised that;

‘The Council should remove rope swings attached to the trees on land for which you are responsible.’

Due to this advice, Dartmouth Town Council have made the decision to take down rope swings that are put up on trees on the land that we own.


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