• Council meeting

During Covid-19 all Council meetings have been cancelled and Dartmouth Town Council’s Planning Committee will be making a decision via the delegated authority as listed below.

The meeting scheduled for Tuesday 7th April will not take place but the Committee will discuss these planning applications via email and make recommendations to South Hams District Council by end of play on the 7th April.

If any residents want to send comments in for consideration please email them in to the Administrator by end of play on Monday 6th April to admin@dartmouthtowncouncil.gov.uk who can then circulate them to the Committee for consideration.


For all planning recommendations to SHDC, the Council should delegate authority for the Clerk and the Administrator to circulate planning applications to the Planning Committee and submit those recommendations where majority agreement can be reached by Committee members using email. For the duration of this emergency delegation of authority, residents are invited to send comments on any application in a timely manner to the Administrator admin@dartmouthtowncouncil.gov.uk or the Town Clerk clerk@dartmouthtowncouncil.gov.uk , by email or telephone who will distribute them to the Committee members for their information.
Committee members will be given five days to reply and on the sixth day a non-reply would constitute an abstention. (the day the email is sent out will be included in the five days)

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