• Public Meeting of the Dartmouth Community and Stakeholders


Public Meeting of the Dartmouth Community and Stakeholders

A Public Meeting of the Dartmouth Community and Stakeholders has been called and will take place on Thursday 27th June at 6pm until 7.30pm in the Ballroom of Dartmouth Guildhall.

It is approximately 12 months since the announcement of the joint project between the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and South Hams District Council to build a new Health and Wellbeing Centre.

From recent town elections (May 2nd), it is clear health care provision is top of the agenda for many residents and is an issue upon which we must have progress.

It is timely to offer the community the opportunity to hear from all stakeholder and hear your feedback on the proposals.

The public meeting of June 27th would provide you with a perfect opportunity to communicate the current status and showcase the planned / potential services with the residents and Health Care Groups in Dartmouth

I would like to invite you to take part in a Public Meeting of the Dartmouth Community on 27th June at 6 pm at Dartmouth Guildhall.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Ged Yardy

Dartmouth Town Council
Chairman of the Health and Welfare Working Group

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