• 2024-2025 budget and precept announced

Dartmouth Town Council sets it's 2024-2025 budget and precept.

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DTC press release for 2024-2025 budget and precept

Dartmouth Town Council Announces its Budget for the Financial Year 2024/2025


Dartmouth Town Council is pleased to announce its budget for the upcoming financial year, spanning from April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025. The Council has allocated a total budget of £1,183,035, reflecting its commitment to providing essential services and maintaining the town’s unique and vibrant character.

A notable aspect of this announcement is the precept, set at £575,883, which is an increase of a modest 58p per week or £30.06 per year for a Band D property.  (to note the Town Council had previously managed to keep the precept the same for the past two years). This represents a 16.43% increase from the previous fiscal year, demonstrating the Council’s dedication to balancing fiscal responsibility with the provision of crucial community services.

Dartmouth Town Council takes pride in delivering a wide range of services essential to the well-being of its residents. These services include the maintenance and management of:

  • Guildhall building
  • Old Market building, featuring 18 individual commercial units, toilets, and a free car park
  • Ivy Lane building
  • The Butterwalk, encompassing 4 commercial and 3 residential properties, as well as a museum
  • Coronation Park, featuring toilets, tennis courts, RNLI hut, Anchorstone Café, and the dinghy park
  • Royal Avenue Gardens, inclusive of the Visitor Centre, tea hut, bandstand, and toilets
  • Boatfloat and moorings
  • Castle Estate woodlands
  • Castle Estate car park and toilets
  • Warfleet land and dinghy park
  • Cemetery
  • Allotments

Considering that Devon County Council and South Hams District Council have had to cut back on non-essential services, the Town Council is aware that they may have to take on some of these services in the future like verge cutting & weeding etc… in order to keep the town nice.

It’s essential to note that Dartmouth Town Council’s portion accounts for only 4% of your overall council tax bill. The remaining 96% contributes to crucial services provided by other entities, including the District Council, County Council, Police & Crime Commissioner, and the Devon and Somerset Police.

Dartmouth Town Council remains committed to transparent and accountable governance, ensuring that every pound spent contributes to the continued enhancement of our beloved community. We encourage residents to stay informed about local affairs and engage with the Council to help shape the town’s future.

For further information, please contact:

Charlie Pritchard-Williams

Town Clerk

Dartmouth Town Council

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